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Marguerite Valentine

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‘Gemma Bovery’
Did you ever read ‘Madame Bovary’ by Flaubert, an intense tale of passion, ennui, and unfulfilled womanhood? This recent film, directed by Anne Fontaine after Posy Simmond’s graphic novel, is influenced by that novel but holds little in common.
Emma has become Gemma but unlike the original tragic anti-heroine, the film portrays her as an empty beautiful temptress who predictably always gets her man. So far, so boring. I found myself frequently glancing at my watch and waiting impatiently for the end. The only character of interest was the baker, an educated and well read man, played inspirationally by Fabrice Luchini, with the unfortunate tendency to project his involvement with literary characters onto his neighbours.
Would I recommend the film? No ─not unless you love bucolic stories with vacuous characters, and there’s plenty to choose from. Otherwise read Flaubert’s original story. I guarantee that will stay with you.

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