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Police Chief apologises for actions of Undercover Police

So what’s different from the betrayal of women [or of men] that’s gone on over the centuries. Promises to marry, declarations of love, for better for worse, for richer, for poorer, to love and to hold, till death us do part- like it says in the marriage vows, only this time in this case, that someone was an undercover agent. That’s what makes it different. He, and we’re talking here of ‘he’, in fact several of them, took advantage of their professional position and bcame involved with women, one even fathering a child,  so that their roles as police officers were ultimately  lost. It was almost as if they felt they had a licence to sexually put themselves about regardless of professional ethics, of their own personal commitments, and with a  total lack  of sensitivity towards the feelings of the women they were in a relationship with. The women trusted them and that trust was exploited. No wonder the women have such a strong sesnse of betrayal and of being abandoned.

So why should I care? It’s these very issues that inspired me to write my present novel. One woman states, the man she was in love with was a fiction. She didn’t know who he was. So how did he come to be that character? What was it that motivated him and how can he live the lie, and switch from the real to a fiction. And how come she was deceived.?

Writing ‘The Truth behind the Lies’ is a sequel to ‘Between the Shadow and Soul’ and in this novel some of these issues are explored. But it is a work of fiction and of the imagination-or is it? And do all of us on a daily basis, create a fictionalised sense of ourselves? I’m halfway through my writing but maybe thngs will become clearer at the end.

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