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Before I was a novelist I worked in Child Protection and as a pyschotherapst. Writing was involved in both the study and practice of this work, though it was very different from my work as a novelist. Here’s some examples of my academic writing. With the frequent references to films and care work, you can see how my career and my artistic inclinations were always close.

  • 2012 ‘Time, Space and Memory in ‘Last Year in Marienbad’ International Journal of  Psychoanalysis. International Journal of Psychoanalysis.
  • 2010 ‘Editorial Introduction to Papers on Matte Blanco’ Aug.BJP
  • 2010 ‘Death’s Dream Kingdom’ the representation of the Unconscious in the film ‘Apocalypse Now’
  • 2008 ‘Psychiatry and the Cinema’ A Review BJP  Vol.24
  • 2007 ‘Editorial with Jane Cheshire: Introduction  to Papers on Femininity’ Oct. BJP
  • 2007 ‘Analysing ‘Muriel’s Wedding’ with reference to the story of Cinderella.’ BJP. Vol.23
  • 2007 ‘Those that the Gods seek to destroy, they first make mad: analysis of the depiction of sado-masochism in ‘The Night Porter.’ BJP. Vol.23
  • 2003 ‘Dilemmas in the Consulting Room’ A Review. BJP.Vol.19.
  • 2001 ‘Regression, Dependency and the Evolution of the Self.   BJP Vol. 18
  • 1999 ‘Love in a Time of Hate: Liberation Psychology in Latin America’   A Review. BJP.    Vol.15
  • 1999 ‘The Cash Nexus: or how the therapeutic fee is a form of communication’. BJP Vol.15.
  • 1996 ‘The Abuse of Power within the Analytic Setting’ Brit. .Journal of Psychotherapy. Vol.13.
  • 1996 ‘Wild Strawberries’ A Film Review   BJP.
  • 1994 The Social Worker as Bad Object’ Brit. Journal of Social Work. Vol.24



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