Marguerite Valentine

Marguerite Valentine

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Between the shadow and the soul

“She moved closer. She knelt down and looked into the crib so she could see him properly. She was so close she could feel his soft breath and hear the rhythm of his breathing. His breath was her breath. That’s how close she was. As if they were joined and were one. He was adorable. Innocent, helpless, vulnerable, totally dependent, he had thick, dark hair, and he’d fallen asleep on his back.”

Flori is a successful, attractive young woman living and working in London when in the early hours of the morning, in a moment of madness, she steals a tiny baby. Assisted by her best friend, Rose, and her lover Matt, she flees with the baby to Jura, a remote Scottish island. Living in extreme isolation, traumatic memories return to haunt her and her life begins to unravel. Calling on Rose for help, Flori is forced by her to reveal a secret- one she has kept since childhood but which leaves Rose with a terrible dilemma…

Between the Shadow and the Soul is about the conflicts of love, trust and betrayal and how friendship can be tested to its limits.

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The current edition is published by Sideways On Publications

First published by Silverwood Books 18/09/2014 as ISBN: paperback 978-1-78132-225-3, ebook 978-1-78132-226-0..

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Reviews for this book:

    REVIEW: Between the shadow and the soul

    *Five Stars* I was lucky enough to meet the author recently and was compelled to read her book as she is such an amazing lady. I was not disappointed. Written with such an amazing insight into a very difficult topic. Marguerite Valentines understanding of the complex nature of the characters makes this book an outstanding read. - L C Lawton Amzon Review

    REVIEW: Between the Shadow and the Soul

    *Four Stars* This was gripping and psychologically spooky. I found it hard to put down - and then there were times when I was afraid to turn the page. I don't want to say to much to give things away but this was a very cleverly crafted book. If you like psychological thrillers, and unusual storylines, you should read this book! - Gail HL Amazon Review

    REVIEW: Between the shadow and the soul

    *Five Stars* A beautifully crafted and spirited novel that answers the questions it raises in the opening pages. The central characters live on in my mind and I look forward to a possible sequel? – Anna Schlesinger, Amazon Review

    REVIEW: Between the shadow and the soul

    *Four Stars* Wow! What a find! A great read with a fascinating and engrossing story-line about a baby-snatcher and the reasons behind her ‘moment of madness’… It is great to find a book written by someone who clearly has a real understanding of what makes people tick. I loved the highly original cover too. Read it! – Brigid Holdsworth, Amazon Review


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